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Surgery Support

Our team is trained and certified in supporting surgeons in the operating theatre. They will help the medical team in using any one of our partners products to ensure safety, quality and results.

Decades worth of experience has earned the trust of doctors and hospitals all over Kuwait making our team the envy of the sector.


Our store and warehouse in located strategically in the center of Kuwait so that the delivery of medical products h=can happen quickly and smoothly.

We have partnered with MACC, a logistical clearing house with over 40 years in experience that will ship and deliver what is needed no matter the situation or time constraint.

On Call 24/7

We are they any company in Kuwait that offer 24 hour service any day of the week.

If an emergency takes place and the surgeons asks for our help in assistance or getting an instruments, tool, or equipment to the operating theatre as soon as possible, we will be there.

Any time, any day, we have built a unique reputation among the medical professionals of Kuwait for reliability and timeliness.


We have developed strong networks and personal relationships with the medical professionals in Kuwait.

Medical House International will spearhead develop and oversee marketing campaigns and media strategies that will get you product or service to the masses to benefit all parties involved.

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