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Medical House International works for you in getting your product and service to medical professionals in order to help patients in need. Our employees have decades of experience in the Kuwaiti medical market in the public and private sectors. Professionals in both engineering and business within our ranks have the skills and expertise to analyze and solve any problem that gets in between you and the customer.

Create a frictionless supply chain from producers and manufacturers to doctors and patients. Minimizing the time and costs of logistics, storage and hurdles of regulation and bureaucracy. Gathering and researching information and data that would help our customers reach their targets in a precise and efficient manner.


Medical House International's team is diverse in ethic, cultural, and disciplinary backgrounds. Our goal of putting the customer first is strengthen by our diverse perspectives and solidified by our unified approach. Technicians, high level government officials, engineers, corporate executives and sales reps create a pool of knowledge that benefits our clients and partners in a consistent and reliable manner.

Dr Ibrahim AlAbdulhadi

Founder and Chairman

Chairman and co-founder of Medical House International, Dr. Ibrahim was also the undersecretary of health and president of the International Hospital Federation. He boasts an illustrious career in public health and decades of experience and knowledge of the health sector.

Muhammed AlAli

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO has been through every rank and position of the business world in multiple sectors from banking, to consumer goods and the health sector. His commitment to growing Medical House International based on strong tried and tested principles is already paying dividends for patients and medical professionals.

Jiyash Abdulkareem

Manager Sales

Mr. Abdulkareem know the medical sector in Kuwait from within after many years in the industry. His experience and person relations with every part of the market from the doctors in hospitals to international corporations has been fostered by trust and confidence. 

Talal AlAbdulhadi

Manager Compliance

An engineer through and through, Mr AlAbdulhadi's oversight of Medical House International insures that all runs smoothly and efficiently. Many areas that arise and cause risks and issues are flagged and solved using techniques that only and engineer develops based on sound logic and empirical study and analysis.

Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Al-Qibla, Kuwait


Tel: +965 90037777


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